REACH Ministry

REACH is the Special Needs Ministry at Abundant Life Bible Church. We see a great need in
our community to reach out to families with children who have special needs and welcome them
into the body of Christ.

REACH is an acronym that stands for our main goals in the ministry.

R Relationships. We believe in real, personal, one-on-one relationships between children
and helpers, as well as the ministry and the family. We believe that the best way to get to know
people and to serve them is to create and build personal relationships. We believe that the
relationships formed between child and helper are life changing (for both parties) and that
these relationships are the key to teaching any child about the love of God.

E Education. Our goal is to help teach children about the love of Christ and how to lead
better lives. We know that the education and growth of your child is a priority and concern. We
will aim to help your child learn and grow wherever possible. We will work to educate your
child on their level and ensure that they are growing in Christ. We aim to center each child’s
learning around themselves and use whatever methods are best for each individual. This can
mean using the proven methods of learning your child is already accustomed to, or working
with them to create new ways of learning.

A Acceptance. Christ has called us to love all people. We strive to breed acceptance, both in
our church and community for all people. We know that acceptance of children with special
needs starts with us. We want to make every family and child feel welcome and loved. We want
this to be your church family!

CH Changing Hearts. We believe in the amazing and awesome power of God to change
the hearts of people. We will make ourselves available to God to use us and make a difference
in the lives of the families that we serve. We acknowledge that when we are the servants, God
has an amazing ability to teach us as well as the children we are teaching. We are excited to
learn about the beautiful creation that is your child and learn how they can change our hearts