Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.

And so do those who volunteer in GRACE PLACE!

Grace Place is our children's ministry that serves infants through 6th grade students:


Nursery (ages infant – 2 years)      


  • Your child is being cared for by loving, kind and responsible helpers.

  • Your infant or toddler is signed in and out by you, their parent or guardian.

  • Your infant or toddler’s allergies and health concerns are a priority.


  • Your child will enjoy hearing and singing music, playing with friends and toys, interacting with the helpers, and a morning of fun and excitement.


  • Your child will know each week that they are loved and important. Each helper cares about the safety and welfare of your child. If there is anything we can do to better care for your child, please let us know!


  • Your 2 year old will be encouraged and assisted by our nursery helpers to prepare to join the preschool class at the age of 3. Through reading books, coloring, having a short lesson, learning to sit together, and other various activities, your child will be well prepared to move up to the next GRACE Place class.


Preschool (ages 3 -5 years) 

  • Your preschooler will sing, play, learn and create each week in our GRACE Place Preschool class.

  • Your child will be taught the truths of the Bible, everyday ways to apply those truths, and fun activities to remember them.

  • Your 3-5 year old will enjoy a craft or hands on activity and a yummy allergy-aware snack each week.

  • Your preschooler will leave GRACE Place on Sunday mornings having been loved, taught, and valued for who God made them to be.


K – 2nd Grade  

  • Your K-2nd Grader is going to love the excitement, creativity, activity, and teaching that take place in this class.

  • Your child will not only learn the stories of the Bible but will learn why they matter and practical ways to let the stories make a difference in their life.

  • Your son or daughter will enjoy a time of instruction and hands-on-activities designed for his or her age group.

  • Your child’s teachers are caring and creative individuals who love finding new and fun ways to make the Bible come alive each week!


3rd – 8th Grade   

  • Your growing 3rd – 8th Grader will love the energy and application of the Bible lessons he or she hears each week.

  • Your child will have a great time of learning as his or her teacher instructs, shares, and applies the life-changing truths of the Bible.

  • Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to experience a morning with his or her peers that is positive, fun, and God-centered.

  • Your 3rd – 8th Grader will discover the kind of man or woman that God wants them to be and how He wants to be a part of their lives.