ALBC Newsletter

Dear ALBC Family,

Christmas trees are coming down and the kids are back in school!  It is with great excitement that we embrace the new year of 2016;  ALBC's 9th year in existence.  Please mark you calendars to attend our anniversary celebration service on February 7th.

What a busy week it has been for ALBC, as most small groups have started up or are about to do so!  I am so thankful for our group leaders and all of the hard work that they put into discipleship.  If you haven't yet joined a group, you can see what is being offered here: 
Contact Amy Mullens to join one.

On the evening of Saturday, January 16th, there will be an IF:Table for the women of ALBC.  If you haven't yet attended one of these events, let me encourage you to do so, Ladies!  (Men, let me encourage you to make it possible for your wives to attend.) It is an excellent way to get to know each other better, so if you are new to our church, please take that brave step and sign-up!  If you have unchurched friends that you love enough to want them to come to meet Jesus, this is a good first step.  The deadline to sign-up is tomorrow, so please do so!

Each Sunday during the month of January, we will be focusing on RENEWAL.  I am so thankful for the work of renewal that the Holy Spirit does in our hearts!  I look forward to opening God's word together tomorrow and looking at how He gives us strength.

See you soon,
Pastor Randy