ALBC Newsletter

Hi ALBC Family,

I am so appreciative of my friend, Tim Doering and the time that he spent with you all this past Sunday in my absence.  He loves our church and has been such a blessing to us all especially at this time.
This coming weekend is a special one for the women of our area as they will be joining women literally all over the world to participate in the IF:Gathering.  Our local gathering, IF:Pottstown has a few seats left.  This truly is a transformative time for everyone who goes.  Ladies, you can find out all the details and register right here:
I look forward to being back with you this Sunday as we open God’s word together with a focus upon the abundant life that God has for us.
See you soon,
Pastor Randy

Mark Your Calendar

February 9-10 - IF:Gathering for Women at Parker Ford Church 

Sat., February 10 - Men's Time of Prayer at American Painting - 8 a.m.

Sun., February 18 - Covenant Sunday - 10 a.m.

Sun., February 18 - All Church Prayer Meeting - 6:30 p.m.