2019-02-28 Update

Dear Abundant Life,      

Lengthening our Reach

We continue to examine the spiritual gifts Christ has given to the Church in our messages this month. The Lord is leading us to focus on how the ministry (equipping) gifts noted in Ephesians 4:11-12 empower us in particular ways to increase our REACH to others with the truth and love of Christ in our daily lives and local neighborhoods.

We would also encourage everyone who filled out a Spiritual Gifts Test to give a copy to Melissa LoRusso. It will be exciting to see the gifts that are represented at ALBC!

Upcoming Preaching Schedule

As we continue our study on spiritual gifts, the following men will be preaching in March.

March 3: Ministry Gifts (Apostolic) - Tim Doering

March 10: Ministry Gifts (Teaching) - Galen Hackman* (Communion)

Small Groups meeting in local homes the week of the March 10-16

March 17: Ministry Gifts (Evangelism) - Tim Doering

March 24: Ministry Gifts (Prophetic) - Keith Yoder

Small Groups meeting in local homes the week of the March 24-30

* Galen Hackman brings over 30 years of ministry experience as a pastor of several congregations in the US as well as serving as a missionary in Nigeria. He has an extensive teaching, coaching, consulting and writing ministry and was also a part of our interim selection process at Abundant Life. He has been a prayer warrior for ALBC, and we are looking forward to having him share what God has for us!

Easter Outreach

Saturday April 13th is the target to launch our first community outreach event of 2019. Plans are underway to host an Easter Egg hunt in the large field at church. If you would like to help, please see the Brutons or the Chekes. We are excited for this first opportunity to get our entire church involved in meeting those around us.


Sam Batterman and Jeff Cassano are using the month of March to test new software for the church. This involves launching a new online church directory, giving our team leaders new ways to more effectively schedule our volunteers, and will result (hopefully) in a new and improved, consolidated church calendar. Stay tuned for more details later on this Spring.

Other Needs

We have some specific ways you can help ALBC this spring.

  • If you would like to head up decorating the church for Easter with poinsettias, please see Melissa LoRusso

  • We would like to be a blessing to our hosts at Providence by having a Spring clean-up and mulching day. Ideally this would happen before the Eater Egg Hunt Weekend. If you would like to head this up, please see Matt Gahman.

  • We are in need of updated photos for our website and facebook pages. If you have a talent for photography and would like to help in this way, please see Melissa LoRusso or Matt Gahman.


The Elder Team
Courage Dhliwayo, Matt Gahman, John LoRusso and Gary Rader

Psalm 28:7
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.